Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome Freshers! :The Review

Okay so even though I'm not so excited on the prospect of blogging about my Freshers' Day, I did say I'd share about it and I'm going to keep my word. Hello there! I'm Supergirl "...and I'm here to save the world!" Sheesh! So lame. But it was a last-minute thing and I'm no stand-up comedian so trust me to mess it up. I forgot my lines and what's more? I even sang the wrong lyrics to White Horse. In a matter of a few minutes, I lived what was to be the most embarrassing moment of my life :O But the seniors were nice enough to sing along and not make fun. Thank you! And no, I'm not uploading any of my photos in my farcical (so very demoralizing) superhero costume. Well, enough about me! Let me introduce Krishh and Satan.. He he ^^ But the next night wasn't so bad! That's when the seniors performed for us, freshers. It was good. It was funny. It was.. sticky. Well what do you expect? Its still summer and although by the end of it, my hair got all candy-floss-ish, I pulled it off. My outfit. TOTALLY :D I'd just completely forgotten that my aunt had gifted me this awesome cute dress on my eighteenth birthday and I'd never gotten to wear it. Paired it with black stockings and the boots and dropped the idea of carrying a clutch. But I'm jinxed or whatever!!! Just as I thought I could sit back and enjoy the show, I got called for 'paper-dance'. Oh by the way, thanks for letting me know I'm size-zero :/ Anyways, although I wasn't exactly unfamiliar with that, I wasn't exactly keen either. And when my 'very healthy' partner had no other choice but to lift me on her back in the end, I so wished the ground would have swallowed me then. She declined my offer to lift her instead!

Funner and funner!

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