Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Black and white is my favourite (♥) colour combination and you can never go wrong with it. This is what I wore for the wedding. The coat was my latest purchase. Sometimes you get the best ideas when you least expect them.
I dropped the idea of wearing a dress. And I'd been looking forward to this wedding so you'd think I'd already decided on my outfit. Actually, it was a last-minute thing. NOT tucking the shirt was really my mom's idea and I think it worked swell. Plus, this was my top-rated look on LOOKBOOK.nu and I never saw it coming. All the photos have been taken by my kid sister so I should really give her the credit. Maybe I'd blog about her photography someday

Monday, October 25, 2010


Ugly. Exaggerated. Weird. Odd. Shoes. For today's blog post:Lady Gaga in these really weird high heels. I understand her outrageous sense of fashion . Or maybe not. But it's too overwhelming. Even farcical.Alexander McQueen's Armadillo Shoes. I don't think it's all that WOW. My mom just remarked, "The other one looks like a flower vase." I'm even scared to wear these shoes.
Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen:
Alexander McQueen's Alien shoes Spring 2010:
Some of the weird shoes I found on the net. Would you wear?

Some weird crazy high heels. Let's call them "Berserkers" ! ;) These weird and funny Spongebob Sneakers.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

♥ The Top Dress ♥

Off to a fresh start. Hello, I'm Mademoiselle Jeannette; but you can also call me Jean. Or like John in French. Whatever! For today's post, I shot with my mom's pink top dress. Well, technically it's a blouse. But I'd like to call it otherwise.

And considering I was having another bad hair day, I somehow pursuaded my mom to lend me her feather hat just for the photoshoot. Though hats aren't really my thing, it totally made my day C:

A whimsical imitation of this beautiful beige pleated top dress and hopefully, I suppose you think I pulled it off. (Or Not;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

StylePile Look 08: Oh Darling! ♥

So what do you think?
I'm more into photography than fashion. Or whatever. Looking good is all that counts. Lol
I'd bought this dress this month and never gotten to wear it.

So I fished it out from somewhere down my wardrobe and decided to feature this dress on StylePile.
Its floral. Bright pink roses with a pink satin sash.
I adore it ♥

Saturday, August 21, 2010

TAKE TWO : Shoe-sational Thursday!

So I think it was a Thursday. Oh yeah! Just two days back I'd gone shopping with a friend. Yet again :! She had this plan to disco on Saturday since her dad wasn't going to be home and she wanted a pair of heels for that purpose. Seems like last weekend she'd taken to fancy some DJ whom she now wanted to impress. So while we still had time in between classes, we practically hopped, skipped and jumped to the market. I promised her that I wouldn't even look at B.K. where I was dying to go and have a look at the sailor jumpsuit AGAIN before I actually decided to buy it. Nonetheless, I'm no quitter! I'm going to make it mine someday. Now before I drift off-topic, let me complete what I started.. Okay so I took her to the few shops where they sold shoes but apart from "okay" and "it makes my feet look hulk-ish", we didn't find anything "Awesome"!!!!!! And that was before we entered...umm...what was it again? Oh crap! I keep forgetting the name of that shop. Anyways, there's a lot to look at when you enter there. Bags, shoes, hats. Just name it! Poor Kiran couldn't find a nice fit. Stuck between wedges, clogs, stilettos and pumps, she eventually begged me to leave by the end of it. But while my eyes were romancing with a particular pair of heels; colours in black, white, chocolate brown and tan, Kiran had gone off somewhere in the front. Crowded markets usually made her paranoid. That girl belongs to malls! Well coming back to my story, when it'd taken me only a heartbeat to decide I was going to get my hands on those lovely tan heels, the heartless douche-bag of a shopkeeper told me they wouldn't have my fit. Waaaaaaahh!!!!! :( But it can never be that I go back empty-handed. OMG! NEVER. So just as I had turned to leave, I caught sight of another darling. Although I paid a heavy price for it, it totally made my day ^^ So like now I'm almost broke again. But just this morning, I saw a room-mate with this inspiring quote written on her shirt and it reminded me that, "My dad is an ATM machine!" Heh he ^^ And oh yeah, not to mention, apparently, Kiran had gone all by herself to try out BOOTS. For God's sake!!!!!!! Those ugly mean dagger-looking things. And the worst part is that she actually considered buying those. Thank me, Kiran! Thank me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome Freshers! :The Review

Okay so even though I'm not so excited on the prospect of blogging about my Freshers' Day, I did say I'd share about it and I'm going to keep my word. Hello there! I'm Supergirl "...and I'm here to save the world!" Sheesh! So lame. But it was a last-minute thing and I'm no stand-up comedian so trust me to mess it up. I forgot my lines and what's more? I even sang the wrong lyrics to White Horse. In a matter of a few minutes, I lived what was to be the most embarrassing moment of my life :O But the seniors were nice enough to sing along and not make fun. Thank you! And no, I'm not uploading any of my photos in my farcical (so very demoralizing) superhero costume. Well, enough about me! Let me introduce Krishh and Satan.. He he ^^ But the next night wasn't so bad! That's when the seniors performed for us, freshers. It was good. It was funny. It was.. sticky. Well what do you expect? Its still summer and although by the end of it, my hair got all candy-floss-ish, I pulled it off. My outfit. TOTALLY :D I'd just completely forgotten that my aunt had gifted me this awesome cute dress on my eighteenth birthday and I'd never gotten to wear it. Paired it with black stockings and the boots and dropped the idea of carrying a clutch. But I'm jinxed or whatever!!! Just as I thought I could sit back and enjoy the show, I got called for 'paper-dance'. Oh by the way, thanks for letting me know I'm size-zero :/ Anyways, although I wasn't exactly unfamiliar with that, I wasn't exactly keen either. And when my 'very healthy' partner had no other choice but to lift me on her back in the end, I so wished the ground would have swallowed me then. She declined my offer to lift her instead!

Funner and funner!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not!

Well in my previous post I talked about what outfit I could team up with my new black booties without looking outrageous. I surfed through some fashion websites to check out the structured dresses I had in mind and Lady Gaga made my day. Here she is flaunting the jacket I want and a black smokey leotard. Though I hope leotards don't become an in-thing someday, nevertheless, I'd love to own one. Risky and Dangerous fashion!This pretty glitzy black dress is just what I need but sporting bare shoulders would be over-rated. Plus, its all black and I wouldn't want my outfit to scream DISCO in broad daylight. While I had more subtle colours in mind like beige, light pink, nude, I'm not so sure if just-wishing-I-had-that is going to work out. I have like six days to decide, search, buy and be happy! But it'd be quite a thing to actually find floral skirts here and quite another to get the kind I want. The ones illustrated below are exactly the ones I want. Aren't they fabulous? These skirts look so awesome with loafers too. While I may be drifting away from the topic I have to pick out these pretty white and brown loafers that can look both casual and stylish at the same time. And of course if you can get lucky enough to find a bowler hat, you're chic! While these loafers are hot, these Christian Louboutin studded loafers are to die for.. I'd love to own one.