Saturday, August 21, 2010

TAKE TWO : Shoe-sational Thursday!

So I think it was a Thursday. Oh yeah! Just two days back I'd gone shopping with a friend. Yet again :! She had this plan to disco on Saturday since her dad wasn't going to be home and she wanted a pair of heels for that purpose. Seems like last weekend she'd taken to fancy some DJ whom she now wanted to impress. So while we still had time in between classes, we practically hopped, skipped and jumped to the market. I promised her that I wouldn't even look at B.K. where I was dying to go and have a look at the sailor jumpsuit AGAIN before I actually decided to buy it. Nonetheless, I'm no quitter! I'm going to make it mine someday. Now before I drift off-topic, let me complete what I started.. Okay so I took her to the few shops where they sold shoes but apart from "okay" and "it makes my feet look hulk-ish", we didn't find anything "Awesome"!!!!!! And that was before we entered...umm...what was it again? Oh crap! I keep forgetting the name of that shop. Anyways, there's a lot to look at when you enter there. Bags, shoes, hats. Just name it! Poor Kiran couldn't find a nice fit. Stuck between wedges, clogs, stilettos and pumps, she eventually begged me to leave by the end of it. But while my eyes were romancing with a particular pair of heels; colours in black, white, chocolate brown and tan, Kiran had gone off somewhere in the front. Crowded markets usually made her paranoid. That girl belongs to malls! Well coming back to my story, when it'd taken me only a heartbeat to decide I was going to get my hands on those lovely tan heels, the heartless douche-bag of a shopkeeper told me they wouldn't have my fit. Waaaaaaahh!!!!! :( But it can never be that I go back empty-handed. OMG! NEVER. So just as I had turned to leave, I caught sight of another darling. Although I paid a heavy price for it, it totally made my day ^^ So like now I'm almost broke again. But just this morning, I saw a room-mate with this inspiring quote written on her shirt and it reminded me that, "My dad is an ATM machine!" Heh he ^^ And oh yeah, not to mention, apparently, Kiran had gone all by herself to try out BOOTS. For God's sake!!!!!!! Those ugly mean dagger-looking things. And the worst part is that she actually considered buying those. Thank me, Kiran! Thank me.

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