Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not!

Well in my previous post I talked about what outfit I could team up with my new black booties without looking outrageous. I surfed through some fashion websites to check out the structured dresses I had in mind and Lady Gaga made my day. Here she is flaunting the jacket I want and a black smokey leotard. Though I hope leotards don't become an in-thing someday, nevertheless, I'd love to own one. Risky and Dangerous fashion!This pretty glitzy black dress is just what I need but sporting bare shoulders would be over-rated. Plus, its all black and I wouldn't want my outfit to scream DISCO in broad daylight. While I had more subtle colours in mind like beige, light pink, nude, I'm not so sure if just-wishing-I-had-that is going to work out. I have like six days to decide, search, buy and be happy! But it'd be quite a thing to actually find floral skirts here and quite another to get the kind I want. The ones illustrated below are exactly the ones I want. Aren't they fabulous? These skirts look so awesome with loafers too. While I may be drifting away from the topic I have to pick out these pretty white and brown loafers that can look both casual and stylish at the same time. And of course if you can get lucky enough to find a bowler hat, you're chic! While these loafers are hot, these Christian Louboutin studded loafers are to die for.. I'd love to own one.