Friday, July 30, 2010


College had been over even before it had started so I went window-shopping with friends to Metro Plaza. Since Freshers' Day is just around the corner, I went with the sole intention of buying a nice dress for myself. But like always, I ended up buying shoes and not just any shoe. These chic glossy black lace-up booties are awe.. wait for it!.. some!!! And grabbed them for a handsome bargain. As I am unable to put up a pic of my latest purchase, the shoes illustrated below are quite similar to the one I have. Now since my budget is tight at the moment - I'm an almost broke first year college student - I have to make up my mind and fast, as to what I can wear with the shoes. While there may be ample choices, I have to do with what I can get here. Here's Taylor Momsen doing it the right way. Her jacket is so adorable, plus the leather studded bag. But since I have to stay on the more formal and sophisticated side, I might as well go with 80s-shoulder dress or high- waist skirt and black stockings. Floral prints, perhaps, as they are so in! And of course not to mention my mom's GUESS leather purse which I will be teaming up with my outfit. Sweet!
PS: I might have also dyed my hair red by then. Awesome-ness!!!

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